What To Expect on Your First Visit in Ashburn VA

Chiropractic Ashburn VA What To Expect

Office Tour

Once your paperwork is completed and insurance is checked, we give every new patient a quick tour of our office in Ashburn VA so you can feel more comfortable.


We then perform an in-depth consultation so we can better understand your concerns and health history. We want to know your goals and reasons for seeking care.

Chiropractor Ashburn VA Bryan Lichtenauer Teaching Clients Updated

Neurological Thermal & sEMG Assessment

We utilize state-of-the-art technology in order to assess your nervous system. This technology reads stress and tension to help locate the root cause of your symptoms. Then Dr. Bryan will sit down with you and go over any x-rays deemed necessary. Our number one priority is your safety, so we never guess with your health.

Chiropractor Ashburn VA Bryan Lichtenauer Adjusting Client

Chiropractic Ashburn VA CLA

Measuring Heart Rate Variability

Lifestyle stress and subluxations affect the balance of the Autonomic Nervous System and impact a patient’s ability to adapt. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) testing is today’s gold standard to analyze the overall effects of stress and anxiety in patients of any age.


If needed, we have a modern X-Ray unit on site in order to see the exact structure of your spine. This typically concludes the first visit.


Once your first visit completes, Dr. Bryan studies your assessments and x-rays in depth and creates a plan of action to help achieve your goals.

Chiropractor Ashburn VA Bryan Lichtenauer Performing XRays

Cost of the Visit: To determine the cost of any x-rays needed, we check your insurance benefits. If you do not have insurance or do not have adequate coverage, we provide in-house discounts. We always strive to provide excellent care that fits any budget. We love taking care of entire families, so we have multiple additional family discounts available.


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